Tuesday, September 9, 2008


The Ontario Association of Triathletes is seeking NCCP certified coaches (Comp Intro, or enrolled in Comp Dev. preferred, Level 1 accepted) to assist with PTC Training Days for 2008-2009. Eligible coaches must be members of OAT, and must provide a current (less than one year old) “Vulnerable Sectors” police background check.

Training Days are schedule for the following dates:

Sunday October 19th, 2008
Sunday November 2nd, 2008
Sunday November 30th, 2008
Sunday January 4th, 2009
Sunday February 1st, 2009
Sunday March 1st, 2009
Sunday April 5th, 2009
Sunday May 3rd, 2009

Preference will be given to coaches who are able to make an ongoing and consistent contribution to programming. E-mail me for an application form. Coaches are welcome to attach a one page CV in support of their application. Training Day coaches will receive an honourarium of $75 per training day, in addition to a polo shirt to be worn by the coaching staff. Deadline for submission: Friday September 19th, 2008, 5:00pm.

Please Note: that successful candidates will be asked to attend a planning session, in person or via conference call, prior to the first Training Day.

Training days are monthly one-day triathlon clinics, hosted by the Provincial Triathlon Centre, at the University of Guelph. The primarily goal of the training days is to bring together KOS (10-15) and Junior (16-20) athletes for a day of training and instruction with their peers. Athletes will undertake workouts designed to improve their skills & technique and/or sport specific fitness, depending on the needs of the athlete. Training Days typically start with sign-in at 7:45am, and conclude at 2:00pm (note: the 10-12 group will conclude at 11:00am)

The 2008-2009 Training Days will be expanded to include 10-11 year old athletes. Consequently, we will separate the athletes into three training groups: Group 1 will be the 16-20 year old group, Group 2 will be 12-15 years old, and Group 3 will be 10-12 year olds. We may reassign athletes to different groups, based on an assessment of their skills, fitness and experience. 

Group 1 and Group 2 will Swim, Bike and Run, with an additional core session. These two groups will swim at the same time, but bike and run separately. Both groups will start in the pool at 8:15am, and end at approximately 2:00pm, including breaks between sessions, and a lunch break.

Group 3 will swim and run, with a core session. After the first few Training Days, we will evaluate the possibility of a bike session for this group, although swim and run will be the priorities. This group will start at 8:15am and end at approximately 11:00am, including breaks between sessions.

Coaches will work with the same group throughout the day, across all sessions. 

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