Monday, May 5, 2008


A short set of videos on progressing to a proper bike dismount.

Step 1. You'll need the following things: an athlete, a bike, a helmet, a quiet road/parking lot, and running shoes (skip the bike shoes for now).

Step 2. Ask your athlete to perform a dismount. If it looks like this (below), skip steps 3-8, and go train. If it doesn't look like the video, proceed to step 3.

Step 3. Stick with the running shoes for the duration - it's safer, and it removes a degree of complexity. Riding in a straight line, with eyes forward, hands on the hoods and weight evenly distributed, simply stand up, with non-dominant leg extended straight to support body weight.

Step 4. Next, have the athlete stand up, eyes forward, bike coasting in a straight line, and extend dominant leg directly behind. Hold for 3-4 seconds, and maintain straight line riding.

Step 5. From standing position with dominant leg extended behind, swing extended leg across center line of bike. Continue to coast in a straight line, with eyes forward. Hold position for 3-4 seconds to confirm balance. Note that right hip is to the left of the saddle.

Step 6. Stand up, extend dominant leg backwards, cross over, touch down, swing back over, sit down, pedal. Repeat.

Step 7. Perform touch-downs on alternating legs, with the goal of equal competence on both sides, and straight line riding throughout. (NOTE: Coaches may need to go back to step 3 and repeat the progression with the other leg before moving to this drill.)

Step 8. Dismount the bike with a short hop. Shoot the saddle forward to the hand. Run tall, one hand on saddle, eyes up. Piece of cake.

- add a dismount line
- dismount from both sides
- dismount with a group of athletes and a dismount line
- switch to cycling shoes, unstrap shoes while coasting to dismount line, place feet on top of shoes, dismount while leaving shoes attached to pedals

Thanks to Myles Zagar for demonstrating the progression.

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Loaring said...

good vids and breakdown of skill.