Friday, May 2, 2008


Earlier today, Triathlon Canada announced that Connor Hammond has been selected to the 2008 Teck Camino National Development Team. Congratulations to Connor and his coaches! Let's see how many more Ontario triathletes we can put on that team in the next two years.

With the race season fast approaching, I've set up a forum for us to co-ordinate transportation and athlete support at three of the 2008 Jr Series Races. My goal is to lend some support to Ontario Junior athletes if they need it, but all athletes are strongly encouraged to discuss these opportunities with their parents and coaches.

You can visit the forum here. You will need to register to post replies, but it's a quick process, and free.

EDIT: Parent & Coaches, this means you too. Visit the forum, log in, and post questions, confirm your athlete's registration, or volunteer to help with the trip.

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Connor Hammond said...

This is the photo they come up with, it looks like i got a lazy eye or something, lol.