Monday, May 26, 2008


A busy weekend of racing here in Ontario, and it's just the start of the season.

I went to the Caledon race on Sunday to watch the races. First off, congrats to the C3 club for putting on a quality event - it takes an enormous amount of work to put an even together, and they did a great job. Without race directors, committees, and volunteers, we wouldn't have races, so be sure to thank the organizers at your next race. A simple thank-you goes a long way.

There were too many strong performances to list at Caledon - results are here - so I'll just post some quick notes:

From everything I saw, almost every KOS athlete had a strong race, and showed improvement over last year - congrats to all athletes.

There is a growing trend of clubs attending these races. In addition to the C3 club, we saw the Hamilton Hammerheads, Guelph Marlins, a large school team (SAC), Waterloo Wet Jets, Speedplay, Lorri Zagar's group (do you guys have a team name?), and more than a few individual coaches. It wasn't too long ago that it was rare to see even one coach at a local triathlon, but there's definitely a trend of more NCCP certified coaches, and more triathlon clubs - great stuff.

The younger kids really look up to the top juniors and elites. It was great to see the elites hanging out with the kids, and spending their day volunteering, after competing in the duathlon in the morning (or in Yorkie's case, racing the duathlon in the morning and the triathlon in the afternoon, and winning both).

At the other end of the province, the junior athletes from Ottawa and Kingston were putting in a strong race at the Ottawa 5k (results here) and out on the west coast, Connor Hammond gave National Team athlete Paul Tichelaar a run for his money at the Shawnigan Lake Sprint.

Finally, some of you probably followed the World Cup in Madrid on the weekend. There's been a big battle between a bunch of countries on the mens' side to determine which countries will have 3 spots at the Olympics; the battle will be decided at worlds, but currently, triathlon powerhouse Australia is on the outside looking in. The Aussie cause wasn't helped when their top athlete in the race crashed during a heavy rain storm - see picture below for the epic conditions. The other big story of the race was the amazing strength of the young British team - 2006 World Junior Champion Allistair Brownlee (age 20) and 2007 World Junior Champion Hollie Avil (age 18) were some of top British athletes in the event. Brownlee finished 3rd, earning his second World Cup podium, and beating 2006 World Champions Tim Don (elite) and Will Clarke (U23) in the process. Avil finished 4th (her worst World Cup finish in 3 starts), beating 2007 U23 World Champion Lisa Norden, and missing the podium by 9 seconds. Both Brownlee and Avil will likely be considered for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Congrats to the athletes who qualified for the 2008 Ontario Games. Have a good week, and train smart.


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