Tuesday, May 6, 2008


It's business as usual at the PTC. Today's workouts, and some quick updates:

Swim this morning
WU: 1000m + 10x50 band@0:55" (EDIT: pace time was 0:50")
MS: 40x50@0:50" w/paddles, best average
CD: 300

Good swims for our small group, including James getting down to 31's

Brick this afternoon
Threshold Ride or Speed River Group Ride + run off bike

-Adrian DelMonte has joined the PTC, and is making good contributions to the group
-Angela is healthy after a prolonged bout of pneumonia
-Tom is a little under the weather after a tough round of gardening (I'm not making this stuff up)
-Danielle has been healthy and consistent
-Dorelle's training in Kingston is going well, but she misses her training partners


Tom said...

Thanks Craig,

You sure now how to bring out the inner wuss!

Dorelle and Ang are probably rolling on the ground laughing at me right now.

Good times, T

Adrian Del Monte said...

perhaps i shouldn't...

but those first 10 50s were on :55. I wouldn't normally complain, but since i was getting 2 seconds rest (max), i thought the people should know.


Adrian Del Monte said...

i mean :50. this were on FIFTY

Dave said...

Why is Craig Taylor not featured in the Bike Dismount video? He is a wizard on the bike. Handsome too.


Loaring said...

I thought Thomas was a Tank?
Thomas--do you need me to swing by and water your plants while you are recovering?