Friday, May 23, 2008


It's shaping up to be a busy weekend of sports coverage and racing:

(edit - dates corrected)

SAT MAY 24th

CBC ITU World Cup Coverage, 2:30pm EST, back-to-back coverage of Simon's win in Ishigaki, and Carolyn Murray's win in Richard's Bay.

Stanley Cup Finals, Game 1, Penguins and Wings. What could be more Canadian than hockey in May (and June)?

SUN MAY 25th

ITU Madrid World Cup. Live coverage at 4:15am and 7:00am EST. No Canadians in this race, but all of the big Europeans will be there, and it will be interesting to see how the US men do as they scramble to secure 3 spots on the pontoon in Beijing.

Caledon Triathlon: KOS Provincial Championships and Ontario Games Qualifier.


....and some recent results - not comprehensive, but a good sample.

ITU IXTAPA Continental Cup

A good showing for Canada with Andrew Russel 4th, AP B-Smith 7th, and Andrew Yorke 22nd on the mens' side, and Tenille Hoogland 8th, and Rachel O'Reilly 10th among the women.

2008 XTERRA West Championships

Mel McQuaid wins again, with Danelle Kabush (4th) and Christine Jeffrey (6th) firmly in the top 10. On the mens' side, Kelly Guest takes 8th.


The following triathletes are now in the middle of their high school track season, and posting strong results.

Joanna Brown 3000m(1st), 1500m(3rd) Junior Women
Ian Donald 3000m(1st) Senior Men
Lindsay Anderson 3000m(1st), 1500m(2nd) Senior Women
Sarah Boyd 1500m(1st) Senior Women

Tristan Woodfine 3000m(1st)*, 1500m(1st) Midget Men
Blair Morgan 1500m(3rd), 800m(3rd) Midget Men
Alexander Hinton 3000m(2nd), 1500m(4th) Senior Men

*new EOSSAA record: 8:51.76

Kaitlyn Oliver 3000m(1st)*, 1500m(1st) Midget Women

*new YRAA record: 10:27.8

Congrats to all athletes on their efforts. Updates and race results always welcome from coaches, athletes and parents.

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