Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Back in action.

I was in Calgary last week, attending TriCan coaching meetings, followed by the annual Sport Leadership conference. Lots of good learning to be had at Sport Leadership, including talks by Frank Dick, Jack Daniels, and Joel Filliol. The most valuable sessions however were those spent with the triathlon High Performance and Development coaches from across the country. We have a strong, collaborative group of coaches, which means a solid foundation for future development and performance. Thanks again to Triathlon Canada, and to Coaching Director Larry McMahon.

Some odds & ends from the interweb:

Researchers may be getting closer to a valid and reliable urine test for HGH. Go science!

You can get the following files as free podcasts from iTunes, or directly download the file from the following links. I usually listen to podcasts during my commute, or on those rare occasions when I'm out for a run.

60 Minutes had a good piece on the importance of Sleep back in June ( scroll down to find the June 15, 2008, episode). It's definitely worth a listen, and some reflection on the importance we give to getting adequate sleep on a consistent basis.

On the other end of the spectrum, may I suggest Tri-Talk Episode 60.  I played this during the road trip to PEI with six Ontario juniors, in August. Specifically, I recommend starting 29:38 into the podcast, for a ~16min play-by-play duathlon race report (I strongly urge you NOT to listen to the first 29:37, unless you value incorrect information). I don't think the race report is intended as humour, but it's priceless. It's a virtual goldmine of quotes, caffeine & creatine protocols, HR monitors and GPS gizmos, zone racing, and (poor) parenting. Maybe it will inspire some of you to consider "turning pro" or "make some noise on the duathlon circuit". Oh dear.

Finally, some video.   A nice compilation of local (Victoria and Vancouver) news coverage following the Mens' Olympic Triathlon this summer. 


idon said...

ahahha, classic podcast.
poor old duathlete man.

rachel said...

Maybe not "classic", but the show on sleep was pretty good too.

idon said...


1. A term used to note that something was just pure genuine and worth remembering. Something that will never slip your mind due to it's pure humor.

Joe let's out a 23 second fart.

Jimmy: "Damn, Joe, that was Classic"

2. A thing that will forever be cool and worth mentioning on a regular basis

Remember that episode of Simpsons....Classic

3. Something of long lasting entertainment

Blowing didgeridoo in the park is classic!

that podcast is all of the above for the p.e.i. team