Saturday, September 19, 2009


Time flies and most of the triathlon community is closing the book on the 2009 season. The PTC squad is taking a break, with some exceptions; Steven Hewick is racing two Asian ITU races in October, and Alexander Hinton has his debut x-c race as a Guelph Gryphon today. I'll be taking some downtime too, before we start back up in October, so there may not be many blog posts for a few weeks. But first, some important notes/reminders:

By now, even the casual tri-geek blog surfer will know all about the recent ITU World Championships (and Grand Final) in Gold Coast, AUS. Ontario had 3 athletes on the team: Andrew Yorke in the U23 race (C3), and juniors Connor Hammond & Ian Donald (PTC). All three guys raced hard, gained valuable experience, and did a great job representing Canada. Everyone should have lots of positives to take away from the races. Congrats to Paula Findlay on her 3rd place finish (U23), and to our top 10 finishers; Simon Whitfield 8th in the elite mens race, and Alison Hooper 6th & Kyla Coates 8th in junior women.

Be sure to check out the televised coverage of the 2009 Triathlon World Championships from Gold Coast Australia on CBC Sports:

Men's Event - Saturday September 19 from 5 -6 pm (TODAY)
Women's Event - Saturday September 26 from 5 - 6 pm

I'm very happy to have Leighanne Rowe taking over the admin of the training days for the 2009-2010 year. I'll still be at every training day, and able to do more coaching than last year.

If you want to COACH at the training days, you can find the info here. Deadline is September 24th for applications, so not a lot of time.

PTC Training Day Schedule:
· November 1 and 29, 2009
· January 3 and 31, 2010
· March 7, 2010
· April 11, 2010
· May 2, 2010

A final reminder of OAT's Annual General Meeting, Friday September 25th. Full info here.

Finally, a blog post won't do this justice, and I've certainly missed more events, accomplishments and stories than I've caught, but a big congrats and thanks to all of the athletes, coaches, supporters, administrators, race directors, officials and volunteers who have worked so hard to make this an amazing year. The KOS athletes are rocking. The parents logged a million miles of driving through every kind of weather. Our juniors dominated PATCO, and the Canadian Junior Series was the most competitive it's ever been. Triathlon debuted at the Canada Summer Games to great success. Our National Team went toe-to-toe with the best in the world and posted some great results. So many successes, and just enough unfinished business to make everyone hungry for the 2010 season. Thanks to OAT, the Canadian Sport Centre (Ontario), Quest for Gold, the University of Guelph and TriCan for their continued support. 2010 is going to be fun.

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