Monday, March 1, 2010


Yesterday, Canada was represented by myself (Dorelle) and team mates Mireille Rodrigue and Manon Létourneau from Quebec at the BRAZIL FAST TRIATHLON.

This live for TV event consisted of 3 triathlons separated by a 15 minute break. The 1 loop 250m swim was followed by 6 laps of the 600m course for the bike and a 2 loop (1.2km) run. Teams of three were represented by Brazil, Canada, Italy, Russia, Argentina, and Spain. Each finish position was given a point value and the team scores were added to determine the overall team winner.

Preparations into the race were not as expected. Mireille's bike never arrived and she had to borrow one for the race, and Manon was delayed in her travel, stuck at an airport for 3 days, before arriving at the hotel at 10pm the night before the race! This also being our first international experience we did not know quite what to expect. All three of us raced tough and were able to come through with a 4th place finish, just 4 points out from the podium.

A big thanks to TriCan for the opportunity to race, as well as the race directors here in Brazil for putting on such an amazing event.

CT EDIT: Videos of each race now available online, here.

Here's Round #1:

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CoachCT said...

Congrats ladies - great job!