Tuesday, November 27, 2007


With a nod to the senior squad at the NTC in Victoria, and some modifications of our own, here are the rules for Recovery Soccer. Recovery Champion to be crowned weekly.


Points Accumulated on a Daily Basis.
Athletes will track their own points, and adhere to honour system.

GOALS (Gain 1 Point)

•Ice session – either a cold bath, or ice massage, or ice bags/gel wraps. One point per workout session, per day (ie. if you have three workouts, you can ice three times and get three points)

•Massage – Maximum 1 point per week. Must be minimum of 30min massage from Registered Massage Therapist.

•1 hour or more of “Down Time” during the day: Napping, reading with legs up, or lying down. No internet, TV or other electronic devices. Max of 1 point per day.

•In bed by 9:30pm – reading in bed is fine, movies, internet or computer do not count.

•Active release or self massage using a foam roller or rolling stick – 1 point per day.

•8 servings of fruits/vegetables per day – 1 point per day.

FREE KICK (Bonus 1 Point)

•Bonus FREE KICK (1 Point) for completing four unique goals in one day

PENALTIES (Lose 1 Point)

•Bed after 11PM (travel days and race weekends exempt)

•No recovery points in a given day

•No calories consumed within 30mins of completing workout

•More than one serving of alcohol per day. Lose 1 point for EACH additional serving (shot, glass of wine, mixed drink, beer). Athletes cannot “save” their alcohol limit and combine total into one day (ie. you can’t save 7 drinks for 7 days and then have 7 drinks in one night….that’s -6 points).

Game on....

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