Thursday, November 29, 2007


After some grumbling from the peanut gallery, and a quick fact check with resident triathlon hero and accomplished scooter pilot (motto: "every landing you can walk away from is a good one") AP Baillargeon-Smith, we're making an addition to the recovery rules:

EPSOM SALT BATHS - gain 1 point (max of once per day) for minimum 15min Epsom Salt Bath

..and in the interest of clarity, we'll add that the recovery rules require that athletes are of legal drinking age to consume alcohol.

Some extra points were added today based on a stroke count set in the pool:

Dorelle: +3 points
Tom: +2 points
Angela: +1 points

Recommended recovery activity for James: learning how to count strokes.


dorelle said...

so if you're not of legal age the rules don't apply?! fantastic rule.

CoachCT said...

maybe there should be some sort of modifier....let's say 10x the penalty points for underage

dorelle said...

bruutal. i just can't agree to that.