Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We're kicking off the 2009 season with a PTC Training Day on Sunday, January 4th.

If you've attended one of our last three training days, I already have your registration form, so you just need to e-mail me with "Jan 4th Training Day" in the header, to confirm your spot. I will send you a short reply confirming receipt if your e-mail, and confirmation of your registration. The fee for the training day is $20, as per usual.

If you haven't attended one of the last three PTC Training Days, you can e-mail me for the registration forms.

Further info on the training days can be found here.

Important Notes for the Jan 4th Training Day:

1) 10-12 YEAR OLDS: We will offer a cycling session for the 10-12 group, similar to the Nov 30th Training Day.

2) ADULT TRAINING: We will have a parent/adult group for this training day. Normally, registration for the adults would go through the UofG rec office, but since things are shut down right now, we'll have the adults submit the same registration form as the youth/juniors. For the Feb. 1st training day and beyond, registration for adults will be done through the UofG rec office.

3) PARENT SEMINAR: For those parents who couldn't make the Nov 30th Training Day, I'll offer a repeat of the parents seminar. We'll meet for 60-90mins, starting at 10:30am, to discuss youth development, and answer any questions you might have. There is no cost for this seminar, and no pre-registration required.

Happy New Year.

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