Monday, February 9, 2009


That noise you heard over the weekend was the sound of Ontario triathletes hammering out new season or lifetime personal bests in swimming and running.  It was a busy weekend, with Regional swim championships, OUA swim championships, and at least two track meets. I've also added a few athletes who have set their PBs in the last few weeks, since I haven't had time to recognize them yet.  I'm sure there are others I've missed as well - please let me know and I'll add you to the list.  Congrats to everyone on their hard work, and to the many coaches who work with these dedicated athletes.  

An extra congrats to Alexander Hinton and his coaches on achieving the World Standard in swimming AND running in the span of two weeks! 

If I could offer a piece of advice to everyone: take a minute to enjoy your success, and then get back to work.  Sometimes athletes hit a goal and then relax a bit. We've seen many examples of athletes who swim (or run) brilliantly in the off season, but struggle to recapture that form in the summer triathlon season. Train smart, be consistent, and work to build on your success. You can be sure that your competitors will be doing the same.

Congrats again to all athletes and coaches.  It's shaping up to be an exciting race season for the Ontario crew. 

Joanna Brown Junior WORLD
Alexander Hinton Junior WORLD
Tristan Woodfine Junior WORLD
Andrew Yorke U23 CONTINENTAL*

Sasha Boulton 14-15 WORLD**
Myles Zagar 14-15 WORLD
Tyler Bredschneider Junior WORLD
Ian Donald Junior CONTINENTAL
Travis Goron Junior WORLD
Connor Hammond Junior WORLD
Alexander Hinton Junior WORLD
David Hopton Junior CONTINENTAL
Derek Quick Junior  WORLD
John Rasmussen Junior CONTINENTAL
Taylor Reid Junior CONTINENTAL
Dorelle Hinton U23 WORLD
Angela Quick U23 WORLD
Andrew Woegerer U23 WORLD

* I've arbitrarily decided to use the term "Continental" instead of "Intermediate". Those who are familiar with the Quest for Gold standards know that OAT has created an intermediate standard, exactly half way between TriCan's "National" and "World" standards.  I thought the term "Continental" made more sense than Intermediate.  In either case, only OAT uses the Continental Standards, but it allows us to distinguish between athletes who have met the "National" standard, and those who are closing in on the "World" Standard. 

** There are currently no standards for 14-15 year old athletes.  These athletes have achieved the JUNIOR World swim standard, but are not yet old enough to race junior in 2009.

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