Friday, October 16, 2009

"ATTITUDES ARE CONTAGIOUS.... yours worth catching?"

A great quote for athletes AND coaches (and parents, administrators, support staff, etc.). from a piece on motivation, attitude and excellence.

Another quote from the article:
Leading USA Swimming Coach Mark Schubert said recently, “A coach told me that he had a poor taper and subsequently his swimmers had performed poorly at their state championships. I replied, “You didn’t have a poor taper – you had a poor season of training”. “It’s the little things your athletes do everyday in training, their attitude to every training session and their commitment to every task they attempt in their program that determines how well they do in competition. A great taper will not save you from a poor training effort”.

There's certainly a clear and simple message from top coaches in different endurance sports: Your confidence on the start line next year will be determined by the quality and consistency of your preparation, starting now.

Train smart.

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