Monday, December 17, 2007


We survived our first real snow fall of the winter (~30cm), and no one called in the army to dig Toronto out. The only casualty was the cancellation of our swim camp on Sunday. We had half of the athletes attend on Sunday due to the storm, and we got as far as reviewing the video footage from Saturday, before UofG pulled the plug and sent everyone home. Safety first. Thankfully, the roads were drivable, the drivers were smart,  and everyone got home safe. 

(The equivalent of the entire snowplow fleet of Victoria, BC 
takes a second pass down Aberdeen St. in Hamilton, ON)

It was great to see the progression that some of these athletes have made from a year or two ago. After they got hooked on triathlon, they channeled their enthusiasm into hard work and dedication by joining their local swim club and getting to work on developing their swim strokes. We happened to have some old footage on file from previous years, so we were able to compare their current swimming with footage from 2005 and 2006, and the results were incredible. Congrats to the athletes and coaches on their keep going!

Despite the snow and the brief University shut down, we're back in action today (Monday) and looking forward to our last week of PTC training before the x-mas break.   Our swim had a mix of band, IM, and free today (just rolling through and working on some technical elements) and everyone has a (snow)run this afternoon.  In the words of Tom Lokody, we are "feeding the baby", to which he added "you don't feed a baby a whole steak", as if that clarified the issue.  I'm sure there's some wisdom in there somewhere - if you can figure it out, let me know.

Watch out for the yellow snow, and enjoy the winter wonderland. 

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dorelle said...

"Everyday counts"...Well I think that every second of everyday counts. Yes Tom.