Saturday, December 15, 2007


The PTC is hosting an OAT swim camp this weekend for targeted runners aged 14-18. We're in the pool twice a day focussing on freestyle technique, with video analysis and technical seminars between sessions. These same athletes will return for two more camps in January and February, as we work towards swimming more efficiently, and ultimately making them stronger in the swim portion of the triathlon.

We have coaches Lee Hart and Danielle Dickson working with us this weekend, and we were very fortunate to have National Team athlete  Kyle Jones visit us for the day. Kyle, from Oakville, Ontario, is a former University of Guelph student who now lives and trains in Victoria, BC, under coach Joel Filliol.  Kyle worked with the athletes during their swim sessions, shared some stories about his training, and even anchored the silver medal fly/free relay at the end of the day. A huge thanks to Kyle for his work today with the group - we'll be watching and cheering you through the 2008 season.

(Kyle Jones and the swim camp athletes)

In other news, it's been a busy week for the PTC athletes as they complete their exams and wrap up the semester. Dorelle Hinton is back in Kingston training with her home club, the Kingston Blue Marlins, and Angela Quick will be going back home to train with the Brantford Aquatic Club. We'll continue PTC training through next week with James, Tom, Danielle and Rachel, before we take a break over the Christmas holidays.

The recovery champ shirt is firmly in Craig's possession, after a dismal week of recovery by all athletes. The athletes will be stepping up their recovery habits over the holidays, so they can be ready for the next training block in January.


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