Thursday, March 12, 2009


From time to time, people ask me about used bikes - specifically, where to look for used bikes.

I usually give them the following info:

For adults, there's probably no better option than the classified section of They have lots of bikes, most of which are in southern Ontario, and you can even search for specific brands, or parts, etc.

For kids bikes, it's a bit tougher, probably because I'm not aware of all of the resources out there. (NOTE: if anyone has some good ideas, leave a note in the comments). Whenever possible, I recommend used bikes, in good working condition for kids. As every parent knows, kids grow quickly, so they'll outgrow the bike in short order, and you'll be selling it before you know it. From a development perspective, bike handling skills and a decent bike fit are far more important than having a fast bike or the latest gear. You also want to ensure that your son/daughter has demonstrated some commitment to the sport before you commit a lot of money. A good policy is to gradually invest more (equipment, camps, race travel) as your athlete grows & matures, and you both agree that you're making a serious commitment to the sport. This will happen over many years. Remember that fitness and skill will trump equipment in the long run.

If you're looking for a youth/junior bike, I usually recommend checking in with the three youth triathlon programs I'm aware of:

The Hamilton Hammerheads have a big team, and sometimes have a few bikes for sale (or people looking for bikes).

Similarly, you can also check with Lorri Zagar's club (, or Greg Kealey's ByTown Storm Triathlon Team.

You may also want to check with the Ontario Cycling Association for club contact info.

Right now, I know of three bikes for sale: one youth, two adult.

From Jody O'Neill (Chatham, ON)

Hi Craig

If any of your young triathletes are looking for a great bike, Quinn is selling his. He has moved up a size.
This bike was only used for one year, well cared for. Asking around 495.00
We can deliver to Guelph if need be. Good for ages 7-11.


(NOTE from CT: we think the size is a 24in, but road bikes are usually measured in cm. If anyone is interested, I can provide Jody's contact info, and you can follow up. E-mail me for contact info.)

(click on image for a larger version)


Adrian DelMonte has a Cannondale Slice with racing wheels for sale.

Cannondale Ironman bike. Size 52 or 54cm (I can’t remember but I’m 5’10 and it’s a tiny bit small on me). Dura Ace drive train, carbon fork. Ultegra components. 9spd. Ridden for full season in 2004, but then not ridden from 2004-2008. Excellent bike…I generally averaged 36-40k/h over 40k on it. It also comes with 404 Zipp wheels in terrific condition (as well as training wheels). 650size. The wheel are beauties, and so, so light!


Simon Whitfield also has a bike for sale:


Litespeed Ghisallo Medium Large (56cm) full Dura ace, great kit (brown leather bar tape, cork plugs, black/brown saddle). 2007 edition Dura ace 50mm race wheels with Zipp tubulars. Rarely ridden, VERY light, very comfy. Make me an offer.

Happy shopping.


Alex said...


Simon Whitefield had a post for a ML Litespeed Ghisallo for sale - no contact infor! Simon: if you get this, or if anyone knows how to get a hold of him, please let me know.OR, if anyone else has one for sale, let me know.


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