Tuesday, March 31, 2009


EDIT: Weather permitting, we'll ride outside. Please bring appropriate clothing for outdoor riding and running, but also pack a trainer, just in case we have bad weather and have to ride inside.

Our next Training Day will be this coming Sunday, April 5th. As always, you can find the entire training day schedule on the right hand menu, or directly through this link.

If you've been to previous PTC Training days (since October 2008), I already have your registration forms, so you simply need to e-mail me with "April Training Day" in the subject line, telling me you'll be there. If you haven't been to a PTC Training Day, you can e-mail me for a registration form.

We're going with the same structure as our February Training day:

1) Athletes aged 13+ will start at 8AM (arrive for sign in at 7:45AM)

2) The 10-12 group will start at 9AM. This group will do 60min of technical swim work, followed by a run, and a bike after lunch. These athletes are welcome to arrive at the normal time and sign-in, but we won't start their training until 9am. This group will end the day at 2:00-2:15pm, approximately 15 mins earlier than the older groups.

3) The workout order for the day is: Swim, Run, Lunch, Bike. For the 13+ groups, the swim and run will be a mix of drill and workout (moderate to hard effort), and the bike session will be an easier session with drill work.

4) DRAFT LEGAL CERTIFICATION: For those athletes requiring certification for Junior draft-legal racing this year, we'll use the bike sessions for the April 5th and May 3rd training days to train you for pack riding. If additional sessions other than the training days are required, we'll organize that in May.

Some Additional Notes:

- Parking is free on the weekends at UofG
- Directions to Guelph and to the Athletic Centre at the UofG are linked on the right hand menu, under "DIRECTIONS TO PTC"
- We have a limited number of bike trainers - athletes can reserve these at no additional cost, when they register

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