Sunday, April 5, 2009


Big weekend for Canadians, and a busy weekend at home. First off, a big congrats to Brent McMahon for winning New Orleans 70.3, and Kirsten Sweetland for winning the New Plymouth World Cup (and thanks to Simon for posting the info) - go Canada! Amazing.

Closer to home, it was a busy weekend. I started the weekend off with a talk at a Multisport Symposium hosted by the Dearborn Health & Wellness Centre in Waterloo. Great people, and a nice facility, including a training room with eight Computrainers. I was a bit jealous. The keynote speaker was Olympian and Canadian Record Holder Keith Beavers - it's always a treat to hear an Olympian speak, and Keith's talk was no exception. I should have tried to recruit him. This was the 5th year for the multisport symposium - next year I'll post some info for anyone who might be interested in attending. After the talk, I headed back to UofG for a coaching workshop (Part 2 of Comp Intro) for the rest of the day with 7 coaches-in-training, with a short talk to catch up with Zander Hinton.

Today (Sunday) we had our Training Day, with a great group of talented athletes and an equally talented group of coaches. Alan Fairweather, Dan McKerral, Lorri Zagar, LeighAnne Rowe and Mischele Stevens put on a great training day, while I was facilitating the coaching workshop. The weather co-operated, and we got outside for our first ride of the year (first Training Day ride, anyway). Adrian DelMonte came back to show Tom and James how to train, and Ian Donald jumped in for the day. We even had two coaches who took me up on the offer to come and observe a Training Day - I hope it was a valuable experience. Our next Training Day is May 3rd, and coaches are always welcome to come and see what we do. A big thanks to our Training Day coaches for their expertise, and thanks to my PTC squad for helping out with keeping things rolling, and leading a good base ride for the juniors. Thanks also to Dorelle for lending me a charger for my mac, while mine is being shipped back to me.

It was a weekend of world-class performances abroad, and busy multisport activity closer to home. Whether it was talking to the audience in Waterloo, leading a coaching workshop, working with our Training Day coaches, or catching up with the Training Day athletes and parents, I was constantly reminded that we have amazing people at every level in our sport. That's a pretty good way to end the week.

One housekeeping note: Lost and Found. After the training day, I picked up a pair of running shorts in the bike room. If you are missing a pair of shorts, just e-mail me with the size, colour and brand to claim them.

Train smart.

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