Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Joel Filliol Interview
April 6, 2009

220 caught up with the new British Triathlon Federation head coach, Joel Filliol, over the weekend to talk about his plans for Team GB triathlon.

220 Triathlon: [Your previous triathlete] Simon Whitfield changed coaches to Nick White. Was this a mutual decision? And was it made prior to you being confirmed as the new British Head Coach?

Joel Filliol: Following Beijing, Simon knew he'd have to continue to innovate and change in order to keep his interest and motivation high for the sport. While Simon knew I was looking at British Triathlon as an option, he made the decision to seek out a new coach before my role at British Triathlon role was confirmed. We enjoyed great success working together since 2005, however change is invigorating and necessary to keep progressing.

Full interview here.

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