Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Quick update: OAT's Junior Camp will be June 27th to July 5th, at the University of Guelph. Athletes will have the option of staying in residence (with a meal plan), staying off-campus in Guelph, or commuting in for training. We will have at least two different camp fees; with accommodation, or without, with the possibility of a third camp fee for those who want to stay off campus, but want to access a meal plan for the week. Off-campus accommodation will be organized by the athletes and/or their parents. The university of Guelph maintains a website for off-campus housing here. Summer sublets are going to be cheaper than staying on campus, but require that athletes are mature enough to look after themselves with little or no supervision. For obvious reasons, I won't be organizing or taking responsibility for off-campus accommodations.

Regardless of where athletes stay, my expectation is that they will be on time for all workouts, and properly recovered and optimally fueled for training.

I will be coaching the camp, along with at least one additional coach.

Training venues will include the UofG Gold Pool and Guelph Lake for swimming, numerous country roads surrounding the city of Guelph for riding, and the Arboretum, national cross country course, and track for running.

Details on fees, registration, etc. to follow soon.


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