Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Updates on some nice early season performances:

Connor Hammond (London Runner): London Downtown 5k: 15:20. Second Junior in Canada to achieve both of Triathlon Canada's swim and run world standards for 2009.

Andrew Yorke (C3): Burlington Good Friday 5k: 15:35

Taylor Forbes (Hamilton Hammerheads): Jordan River 5k: 16:32

Taylor Reid (C3): Bay & Back 5k: 16:37

Austen Forbes (Hamilton Hammerheads): Jordan River 5k: 16:41

David Mackie: Jordan River 5k 17:20

Rui Xu (Hamilton Hammerheads): Bay & Back 5k: 17:21

John Rasmussen (OREA): Bay & Back 5k: 17:22

Derek Quick (OREA): Bay & Back 5k: 17:26

David Hopton (OREA): Bay & Back: 18:09

Dorelle Hinton (PTC): Bay & Back: 18:47

Angela Quick (PTC): Bay & Back: 20:14

Sarah-Anne Rasmussen  (OREA): Bay & Back: 22:29

Rachel O'Reilly (C3): Good Friday 55k Road Race: Tied 1st

Karsten Madsen (C3): Good Friday 55k Road Race: 28th with a dropped chain

Dorelle Hinton (PTC): a new 1500m PB this morning in a 2k TT. The 1500m split was 18:38, but the "last" 1500m (ie. 2nd, 3rd and 4th 500's) was 18:28. Both are best times, and a good example of backing up the training from yesterday.

Next up: Ian Donald and Alexander Hinton are taking a crack at a 3000m in Ottawa this week, and Connor Hammond and Matt Vierula are racing USAT's 2012 Development Race in Lubbock, Texas this weekend.

(EDIT: I forgot to mention Lindsay Anderson, who was recently recognized by Triathlon Canada as the Junior Duathlete of the Year. Congrats Lindsay!)

I know I've probably missed a bunch of results. Parents and athletes are always welcome to send me updates. Congrats to the athletes on their recent success, and best of luck to everyone with their training and racing.

Go Ontario!

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