Friday, April 17, 2009


CTWITTER (with a nod to SQW): In the Lubbock Texas airport where the internet is free, and the terrain is so flat, you could watch your dog run away for three days. Connor is stuck in Houston Dallas, big storm, flights cancelled - he'll get here eventually. Matt V is already in town. Dorelle is off to train with the NTC gang in Victoria until PATCO. Rachel is in FLA for 2 weeks with the C3 crew. Alexander set a new 3000m PB yesterday (8:48 8:46, negative split), and Ian crossed in 8:59 (on treadmill threshold work and one short track workout). Tristan Woodfine soloed a nice 8:50 in his race, and Joanna Brown cruised through in 10:14 - congrats to the athletes and coaches Greg Kealey and Steve Boyd. Ian becomes the THIRD Ontario junior male to achieve both swim and run world standards this year. wow.

And congrats to Sharon Donnelly on her appointment as Triathlon Canada's first ever National Junior/U23 Coach. Who wants to be among Next Generation of Triathlon Heroes? We are currently accepting applications.

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idon said...

alexander was 8:46.
i wouldn't be doing my part if i didn't say something.