Sunday, August 16, 2009


DAY 1:
Most of us started out early (2am in Ottawa, 5am in Guelph) to drive to Toronto for the Team Ontario charter flight. We flew directly into Slemon Park (an air base which closed in '92), which serves as the athlete's village and venue for wrestling. After an info session, and screening for H1N1, we settled in, and did a short swim/bike on the course.

DAY 2:
Most of day 2 was dedicated to the Opening Ceremonies. We were up early for a swim in the bay (which was half swim, half walk) before the Team Ontario Pep Rally. After that, it was on to the buses to Summerside (7k away) for staging, pin trading and the opening ceremonies. Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Governor General Michaelle Jean were on hand to open the Games shake the hand of every athlete (or fist bump in Connor's case - the PM wasn't even phased). Two Hours Traffic closed the show - DS would have been impressed - too bad it was only one song. After the Opening Ceremonies, we headed out for a short jog, followed by an ice bath.

Team Manager Karen Bonham and Mission Staff-person Stephanie Johnston are doing a great job looking after the team. The volunteers here have been incredible.

We race on Tuesday (sprint) and Friday (relay). It's been hot here in Summerside, and it looks like we'll get similar weather for the rest of the week. Our first hot races of the year - should be good.

Photo Album here. We'll keep updating through the week.

Ian arrives

Gettin' peppy.

The Team

Domi, before boarding the buses for the Opening Ceremonies

An ice bath to end the day.

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