Monday, August 24, 2009


I still owe the faithful PTC readers a Canada Games wrap-up post, and it's coming soon. Ontario was very well represented by a great team, and we were able to bring home three medals (silver in the mens triathlon, silver in the mens relay, bronze in the womens relay). Team manager Karen Bonham and I were very impressed with the way the athletes prepared for and executed their races.

More details will have to wait however, as I just received this notice, and I wanted to post it asap. Job postings for triathlon coaches don't come along too often, and this looks like a good one. Sheila O'Kelly is the Managing Director of ITU World Cups, and was a driving force behind the ITU Edmonton World Cup for many years. The same people behind the Edmonton race are now backing the creation of the Edmonton Triathlon Academy, and looking for a full-time coach. This could be a great development for Alberta, and for triathlon in Canada.

The job was posted in Triathlon Canada notices a few days ago.

You can read a bit more about the vision for the program here. Application deadline is Monday August 31st, 2009. Not much time.

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