Monday, November 16, 2009


If you've been part of the NCCP Comp Intro program for triathlon, you'll recognize these two themes; in my opinion, the most important parts of the program.

HOLISTIC COACHING: I was talking to a former Olympian recently about American run coach Bobby McGee. I've never met him, but I like what he writes on his blog. The Olympian had worked with coach McGee, and said he was a fantastic coach. Naturally, I wanted to know what makes him such a great coach. The answer: he coaches to the whole person, or the four components of the holistic model: physical, cognitive/emotional, cultural/spiritual, social.

OPERATIVE PRINCIPLES: The ITU has recently begun posting a series of triathlon development videos as part of an ongoing sport development initiative. The video below is the first instalment. Certified NCCP Competition coaches will recognize the technical model of: "Safety > Core > Co-ordination > Components", starting at ~0:45".

Nice to see that Comp Intro incorporates best coaching practices, and serves as a foundation for the ITU coaching program.

Full ITU article here.

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