Sunday, November 8, 2009


The link between exercise and more brainpower
Anne McIlroy
Saturday Nov 8, 2009

It is first period at City Park Collegiate Institute in Saskatoon, and the Grade 10 students in Allison Cameron's class are priming their brains for an English assignment.

They strap heart monitors on their wrists and climb on a treadmill or exercise bike for a 20-minute workout. When they're done, they move to their desks and start writing. The students are taking part in a program that aims to help them improve their focus, concentration and, ultimately, their academic performance through regular exercise in class.

The results have been startling: On standardized tests, the children in Movement Matters have dramatically outscored students in classes in which the program wasn't offered.


Interesting article, considering the reduction in time dedicated to physical education (and music) in schools over the last several years.

Full article here.

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