Friday, January 25, 2008


Another week in the books, and a few bumps along the road. A few of the athletes have battled a cold that's going around - most are now on the road to recovery, but Angela felt left out, so she got sick yesterday. She'll be back in action in a day or two. Training continues to go well, and we're looking forward to some racing in a few weeks, with Dorelle and Ang racing at OUs, and James, Tom and Rachel tackling the Hart House Tri. Both events are at UofT, so we'll have a good cheering squad, and some pics for the blog.

Closer to home, we've got the last of our three swim camps Feb 1-3, and an OAT Training Day at the end of the month on Sunday Feb 24th.

Here's a clip stolen from Paul Tichelaar's blog - thanks Tich. I'm actually having trouble believing it's legit, but it's 10 minutes well wasted, and you'll have a bunch of new lines to use on your training partners. Just don't take any of the advice to heart. We'll keep our eyes peeled for the Gray Wolf when we hit Tucson in March for a Junior camp.

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dorelle said...

grEy not gray.
Just because he is American I will let you off the hook.