Friday, July 18, 2008


Last weekend, the Gatineau Triathlon hosted the 2nd of four Teck Cominco Junior Series races. This race also doubled as the Ontario Junior Provincial Championships. While it might seem odd to host a provincial championship in another province, we approached Triathlon Quebec and the Gatineau race director with the idea because we felt the need to have a competitive draft legal race experience was more important than the venue. We got exactly what we were looking for with the Gatineau race - a well organized, competitive draft legal event with large fields.  In fact, the juniors and elites raced together in the same wave, resulting in a field of 60 men and 41 women - comparable to large international races. 

Matt Sharpe (BC) and Connor Hammond (ON) lead the charge out of T1 at Gatineau

The biggest mistake we made was not arranging for awards for our podium performers. Athletes are constantly hearing me speak about personal responsibility, and in this case,  I'll take responsibility for not having the awards at the race. My sincere apologies to all medallists - I should have had the awards ready for you, and I didn't make the necessary arrangements.  

In light of the fact that we didn't recognize our provincial medallists at the race, I thought I'd take the opportunity to do it here. First, I would also like to thank coach Dan McKerrall for supporting the athletes and taking pictures, and Triathlon Quebec and the Gatineau race organizers for hosting a great event.  Here are the standings for the Ontario athletes:

1. Matt Vierula
2. Ian Donald
3. Andrew Courchene
4. Taylor Reid
5. James Higgins
6. Derek Quick
7. John Rasmussen
8. Chad Ruby
9. Mark Bechtel
10. Nick Gregory
11. Travis Goron
12. David Hopton
DNF Karsten Madsen
DNF Connor Hammond
DNF Alexander Hinton
DNF Ryan Ditchfield

1. Dorelle Hinton
2. Lindsay Anderson
3. Joanna Brown
4. Sarah Rasmussen
5. Domi Jamnicky
6. Lauren Sagadore
7. Jade Gregory
8. Pauline Skowron
9. Erin Macfadyen
DNF Angela Quick

Full men's results here.

Full women's results here.

Congrats to coach Greg Kealey and the Bytown Storm Triathlon Team for placing 3 athletes on the podium (Matt Vierula, Andrew Courchene, Joanna Brown).   A huge congrats also to all of you who have worked your butts off over the winter, bringing your swimming, and your fitness in general, to a new level.  Finally, for those who were unfortunate and ended up with a DNF: keep your chin up, and look forward to your next race opportunity - your hard work will pay off.

Provincial Junior Men's Champion Matt Vierula (red singlet)

Silver Medal: Ian Donald

Bronze Medal: Andrew Courchene

Provincial Junior Women's Champion: Dorelle Hinton

Sliver Medal: Lindsay Anderson

Bronze: Joanna Brown

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