Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Lots of happenings over the weekend, including some big news for the Ballard-Taylor household.  On Friday night my wife Tonya and I welcomed Kate Ballard Taylor into the world - Tonya did all the work, and I handled the cheering - kinda like my job. Kate weighed in at 8lbs 0oz, and measured 21 inches in length. Mom and baby are doing great.  Thanks to everyone for their e-mails, phone calls and support.

We'll get back to the business of triathlon in the next post, including some updates on some big races over the weekend. 


len gushe said...

Congrats to the newest Dad! Way to cheer!
Congrats Tonya! Way to work!
Congrats Kate! Way to arrive in style!
All the best to your family Craig!

tre said...

she's in the ptc already? sounds like nepotism to me...

congrats, C & T.

Senior said...

Congratulations Tonya and Craig!
Welcome Kate!
I love the miniature hand paddles you have her using already. I'm pretty sure I saw her using those while swimming laps in utero.
Best wishes!
Senior and Family