Thursday, July 24, 2008


I will be attending the Summerside, PEI, Junior Series Race next weekend to support our Ontario Juniors. Athletes are welcome to access some/all of the planned activities, or conduct their own pre-race prep.  I'll be on site race day to support all Ontario athletes, and I'll be available after the race if there are any appeals or other issues. Parents, please e-mail me if you want my cell phone number.  If your athlete is traveling with another family or coach, I would advise you to provide the following info to the person in charge:

  • Emergency contact name and phone number(s)
  • Relevant Medical Info (medications and allergies)
  • Ontario Health Card Number

Here is my schedule for the Summerside race. If you plan on attending the sessions, please advise your coach so they can review this schedule and choose the sessions most appropriate to you.


Arrive late evening.  I'll be staying at the Slemon Park Inn (the race hotel).  I won't know my room # until I check in, but I will post my contact info and the training schedule in the lobby.


THEME Light aerobic activity to loosen up from travel and survey race

9:30AM Drive to race site.

10:15AM  Swim ~2k on swim course. Light aerobic work, with opportunities
for easy pack swimming. Athletes are advised to have a wetsuit.

11:00AM Bike ~20k on bike course and surrounding road. Light aerobic ride
to ensure that bikes are in good working order, and to survey the
bike course.

12:00PM Drive to hotel.

3:00PM Run easy 30 mins (the run course appears to be a 1k out-and-back
stretch of road, so we will likely just run from the hotel instead of 
driving back to the race site).

3:45PM Optional 45 min Skills Session: Mounts, Dismounts, and turn-


THEME Pre-race Activation

10:00AM Swim (location TBA).  
WU: 600mix, 
MS1: 10x50@0:65" (1 blast 15m/35m easy, 1 easy bk-fr)
MS2: 4-6x100 @1:50, holding mid race pace, nice and smooth
CD: 200 mix

2:00PM Run from hotel.  
WU: 10' easy jog + 5' of drills & strides. 
MS: 5x(0:30" quick, 1:30" easy jog)
CD: 5' easy jog

4:00PM Optional 45' of mounts, dismounts, corners & turnarounds
 (all low effort)

6:00PM Race Meeting - Junior Competitor Briefing

6:30PM Late Registration, Race Kit Pick-up

5:00-8:00PM Pasta Buffet at Anson's Restaurant, Slemon Park.  $11.95 + tax.


6:00AM Transition Opens
8:30AM Arrive race site and set up transition
9:15AM 15' light jog + 3-4 strides with walk-back
9:40AM 10' light swim, mix strokes + 3-4 x (10 strokes fast, 40 strokes easy)
10:00AM Race*
12:00PM Medal Presentations

*I've e-mailed the race director to get the start times for men and women. Currently, the race website just says "Race Start 10:00am".  I will adjust warm-up times based on the start time for men and women. 

Afternoon Possible trip to Charlottetown or other tourist site.

Evening Dinner with athletes, coaches and parents (all provinces?).
Location and time TBA.

NOTE:  We may conduct some/all of the prep workouts with coaches and athletes from other provinces, depending on their schedules/availability.  


I'll be departing early in the morning on August 4th. 


We may conduct some/all of the prep workouts with coaches and athletes from other provinces, depending on their schedules/availability

Further info/schedule from race committee available here.

I still have 3 rooms reserved ($87 per night, two beds) at the Slemon Park Inn (the race hotel). Contact Holly Speight (1 877 782 9734, Slemon Park Hotel) and tell her you want to take one of the rooms reserved for the Ontario Triathletes, under my name (Craig Taylor).  I'll release any remaining rooms early next week if they aren't needed. 

Good luck to all athletes in their training.  See you in PEI.

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