Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kingston Training Camp

Day1- Angela arrives. KBM swim practice. Angela is surprisingly healthy. Not sick.

Day2- Limestone Mile. In one of the grittier performances ever performed on limestone stone, Alexander destroyed the field in the high school mile, cruising to victory in 4:42. He decided that he would run 20 minutes later in the elite men's mile, finishing 5th with a 4:40, feeling the glycogen depletion at this point. Dorelle was 2nd, I guess. More workouts that day, Angela and Alexander lost Dorelle at a stop light while cycling...and Alexander won the open water swim. Angela and Dorelle were not racing him.

Day3- Ian arrives. He misses the swim workout of 6x100desc, 5x100desc, 4x100desc straight through, also known as 15x100 on 1:30. Alexander wins warm-up, but finds difficulty in descending properly. He wins the set, but not in average time.

A TT to follow, a windy 15km out Middle Road for jokes. On the way home, a nice biker man pulled them. His beard was cute. Alexander and Ian push a hard 2k run off the bike, 6:15, legit. No one knows where Dorelle and Angela ran, could've been 7min. k's, who knows.

Day4- A rest day for Dorelle and Angela. This included 0 workouts, cake and KFC at the mall. They received well-deserved chirps from Ian and Alexander for placing an OFF day in the middle of a 4 day camp.

On the flip side, Ian and Alexander found themselves alone as cyclists are wimps when a single drop of rain falls from the sky. They rode. It was nice. Then they swam 3.4k in an hour, sharing a lane less pool with several senior women. Sidestroke was the common drill, as well as head-up breaststroke. Alexander did his civil duty and did hard labour from 2-9, earning a healthy 60 dollars in the process.

Tomorrow is a group ride, as long as moisture doesn't descend from the heavens, as well as a hard track session and a flush swim (open water?)

"Do you want fair, or do you want performance?" -CT

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