Friday, October 24, 2008


Believe it or not, our next training day is only a week away. Since we decided not to host a training day during the busy holiday season in December, we scheduled two training days in November (2nd and 30th). For full details on the training day program, including registration, visit this link.

The big change from the last training day (other than Simon and Luke) is that we'll start cycling next weekend. Regardless of the weather, we'll ride inside, so athletes need to bring their bikes and stationary trainers. We have a small number of trainers for athletes to reserve on a "first come (e-mail), first serve" basis, but we ask athletes to bring their own trainer if they have one.

If you have already submitted your registration forms and signed them at the Oct 19th. training day, you simply need to e-mail me with "Nov 2 Training Day" in the subject line, to let me know that you are coming. I will send you a short reply confirming receipt if your e-mail, and confirmation of your registration. The fee for the training day is $20, as per usual.

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