Friday, January 23, 2009


Collaborative approach vital to NZ triathlon success, says coach
Jan 21, 2009

A proposed revamp of triathlon coaching in New Zealand would depend heavily on maintaining the sport's "collaborative" approach, a leading coach said today.

A controversial high performance plan from Triathlon New Zealand (TNZ) is being considered by government sports funding agency SPARC.

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Radical triathlon coaching shake-up a 'time bomb'
By STEVE KILGALLON - Sunday Star Times
Sunday, 18 January 2009

Renowned triathlon coach Jack Ralston says a controversial new high-performance plan for the sport could "destroy the whole great coaching structure" that propelled athletes such as Hamish Carter and Bevan Docherty to the top of the world.

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Two comments:

1) Outside of the months leading up to the Olympics, this sort of media exposure simply doesn't happen in Canada. But rather than complain, I'll give a tip of the cap to Randy Starkman who has done more than his fair share of reporting on triathlon, and amateur sport in general. If you want to see more coverage of amateur sport, the simple solution is to make sure there's lots of web traffic, feedback, and comments for reporters like Starkman.

2) The themes in these two articles are quite common, and have been played out in many countries - particularly the big triathlon nations. It will be interesting to see how one of the best (likely the best, on a per capita basis) triathlon programs performs in the years to come.

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