Thursday, January 22, 2009


As I've written before, part of my job is to support and promote other coaches and programs. The more quality coaches and programs we have in this province, the more opportunities we have for younger (and older) triathletes to grow in the sport.

One small way I can do that is to promote training days across the province. My only requirements are that a) they must be sanctioned by OAT; b) they must be targeted to youth/juniors, or at least accessible to youth/juniors. If you have an upcoming training day that meets those requirements, let me know and I'll post it. We get anywhere from 50 to 150 blog readers a day, up to 800+ if Simon links to us.

Two upcoming Training Days that meet the criteria:

Jan 24th - Sudbury, ON
Not much notice on this one, but the paperwork was just completed, so I'll post earlier next time. Coach Mike Coughlin is hosting a training day Saturday, Jan 24th, in Sudbury. Mike is a NCCP certified Competition Coach for triathlon, and he has volunteered at the PTC Training Days this year. The feedback from the PTC Training Day coaches regarding Mike's coaching has been unanimously and enthusiastically positive - I'm sure he'll deliver a great program in Sudbury.

Feb. 21st - Ottawa, ON
Greg Kealey's Bytown Storm is hosting a training day on February 21st in Nepean. This is part of an ongoing training day program, so visit the Bytown site for the full schedule.

Thank you to all of our coaches for offering more quality training opportunities across the province.

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