Thursday, January 22, 2009


[EDIT: Document links should work now. Apparently Google Docs won't allow me to make PDF files public, so I've upload the original MSWord or MSExcel Files. Please leave a comment if you still have trouble viewing the documents.]

This is the fourth post today, so be sure to scroll down for updates on Training Days and the Summer 2009 Junior Training Camp.

Final post for today - these two documents are something I've been meaning to work on for a while.

Unofficial Quest for Gold Scoring Grid

The first document is an unofficial Quest for Gold Scoring Grid. Athletes and coaches: I'll work to keep this updated through the year, but I'll need your help, so please send me your updated results. It was recognized last year that we were not doing a good job of maintaining an even playing field if all eligible QFG athletes didn't know where they stood in terms of scoring. In accordance with QFG rules, we can't release the 2009-2010 QFG criteria until it's approved by the government in August (I realize that it's ridiculous to post criteria at the end of the season, and I've brought this issue to the administration several times, to no avail). However, we can post old criteria, and we can keep an unofficial scoring grid, based on last year's criteria. I hope that this will help us avoid the last minute time trial scramble we've had in previous years.

While I'm on that topic, I strongly urge all athletes and coaches to schedule swim and run TT's or races as part of your regular 2009 training and racing schedule. In past years, several athletes have compromised their fall transition period in order to squeeze in some final training and complete a time trial to meet QFG criteria. The QFG program is intended to support promising athletes, age 16-22, in their development to international performers. Cramming in TT's and extra races at the end of the season is not proper development, and with proper planning, should not be necessary for most athletes.

Ontario "All Time" List

For a while now, I've had this idea that I'd like to keep a list of the top swim and run performances, in addition to a list of provincial and national champions, and World Championship and Major Games team members. This is the first draft, with a Top 10 for 400free, and a Top 10 for 3000m. The format is subject to change, but the first draft was written with Junior and U23 athletes in mind. Maybe we can expand it in the future to have a "U23/Elite" category with 1500m and 10k times. Send me your ideas.

This is a very rough first draft. For example, I know that Kyle Jones, Dano Wells, and Colin Jenkins were Junior National Champions. Colin and Sean Bechtel must have posted some pretty fast swim times from their junior years. Alicia Kaye was swimming in the front pack of World Cups at 16, so she probably has a Top 10 400fr time too. I'm pretty sure that Ayesha Rollinson raced on the elite team at 2005 Worlds, and I'm almost positive that Sean Bechtel raced at the PanAm Games in support of Brent McMahon. So I need these athletes, along with the historians and the 'results nerds' (Alexander) to send me info and links, as we revise and refine the list - don't be shy.

Both documents will be permanently posted in the DOCUMENTS section on the right.

E-mail me with feedback, ideas and data.


idon said...

Is anyone else having trouble accessing these documents?

susie lou said...

where and who does one send information to for the All Time List. One person who could easily be added is Natasha Yaremczuk

CoachCT said...

Thanks susie - i've added a link to my e-mail address. Definitely send me data for Natasha or anyone else. thanks. CT