Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Dorelle (l) and Angela (r) at the 2008 Summerside Jr Race

Dorelle was recognized by the UofG Athletics Department for recently being named OAT's Female Junior Triathlete of the year for 2008. The full article is here - too bad her eyebrows hadn't fully grown back in when the picture was taken.

Angela Quick posted a nice 0:25" PB in the 1500 free last weekend (18:30), earning her first provincial qualifying time.

At the same meet, Angela's younger brother Derek (Brantford Aquatic), posted new PBs in the 400 (4:23) and 800 (9:00.4).

In other news, the NTC crew in BC is ripping it up on the wet coast. Nice run Sharpie! It should be an interesting race season for the juniors in 2009.

If there are coaches, clubs and/or athletes out there with news of their recent accomplishments, please send me the link or a brief report for posting.  I'd love to post more news about the successes of athletes across Ontario, not just the athletes who happen to have close ties to the PTC.

We'll get back to the overtrained horses in the next post.

Congrats to Dorelle, Angela and Derek - pat on the back - now get back to work.

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