Saturday, May 9, 2009


From time to time, people ask about our training, so here's a quick video summary of yesterday's sessions. Certainly not an epic day; just a normal Friday, at the end of a good week of training, in the middle of a good block of training. We're just rolling through. And I just installed iLife09, which means I have more video editing options, and I wanted to play around with it a bit. Enjoy yourself.


Adrian Del Monte said...

dang, that looks fun!

i'm going to take a sick day and come have some fun one of these days.


John said...

Nice to see you're driving at 6:00 am with a coffee in one hand and the video camera in the other. With that in mind, I'm sure the team will cycle a little faster when you are behind them.


Tom said...


That was a freakin' awesome video. MGMT rocks! Make another one! Who's Senior?