Thursday, June 25, 2009


Some final quick notes on Coteau, as that race quickly becomes ancient history.

In contrast to the Birds Hill race, we had moderate temperatures, no rain, fairly warm water (19C, just barely wetsuit legal) and a pontoon start. Similar to the Birds Hill race, the event was very well organized & executed, the course was flat, and the fields were large (45 junior men, 29 junior women) and competitive. The quality and depth of the junior series is certainly getting better.

The races played out a bit differently than two weeks ago. In both races, we still saw a lead pack of 5-7 riders stay away during the bike, but they came into T2 with a 45-55" lead, rather than 2+ mins. The other big difference was that the majority of the competitors were all in a large chase pack (approx. 30+ in the mens race), rather than several smaller chase packs. In both races, athletes from the lead pack claimed 1st and 3rd, with a chase pack athlete running up for 2nd. In the junior womens race it was Kyla Coates who moved to the front out of T2, and never looked back, with Joanna Brown posting a blazing run split to claim second, and Christine Ridenour coming home for 3rd. In the mens race, it was Connor Hammond (PTC) who ran away from the lead pack athletes, with first year junior Tristan Woodfine (ByTown) smashing the run to claim second, and Marc-Antoine Christin (QC) posting a very solid race to round out the podium in 3rd. Unfortunately, Birds Hill winner Matt Sharpe (BC) flatted during the bike, and Aaron Thomas (BC), Tyler Bredschneider (ON), and Zorian Maksymec (ON), were coming back from recent injuries, so look for strong performances from those guys in a few weeks.

Overall, the Ontario juniors had a very good day, with two men on the podium, and five in the top 10. We had breakthrough performances from Tristan Woodfine (ByTown), Alexander Hinton (PTC), and Taylor Reid (C3) on the mens' side, and Joanna Brown (ByTown) and Domi Jamnicky (Domi, who's your new coach?) on the womens' side. The BC junior women continue to impress, with a "BC Express" basically at the front for the entire race. It was great to see several Ontario teams represented, with a good mix of some familiar names and brand-new juniors out there racing hard: Bytown (Matt Vierula, Jade Gregory), Hammerheads (Forbes twins, Chelsea Mackinnon), C3 (Karsten Madsen, Pauline Skowron), OREA (Derek Quick, David Hopton, Johnny Rasmussen, Sarah Rasmussen), & Koalas (David Mackie), Peak Centre (Lindsay Anderson). Hopefully I haven't missed anyone, but apologies if I have.

As I wrote in an earlier post, this race also served as Ontario Provincials for the juniors. Our Provincial medallist are:

1. Connor Hammond
2. Tristan Woodfine
3. Alexander Hinton

1. Joanna Brown
2. Domi Jamnicky
3. Lindsay Anderson

The elite races were different from the junior races, with a fairly large field for the men in which the lead and chase packs came together, thanks in large part to the efforts of Sean Bechtel (C3). Elvery (NZL) ran away for the win, with AP B-Smith finishing second, and Andrew Yorke (C3) running to his first ITU Continental Cup podium in 3rd. In the womens' race, there was a much smaller field, and some strong riders who moved through the field over 40k bike course. The front pack of 3 (Paula Findlay, Kerry Spearing, Tenille Hoogland) came into T2 with a large lead. Findlay ran off the front for the win, with Spearing running well to secure 2nd and Ayesha Rollinson posting a strong run split to move up from the chase pack for 3rd.

A big thanks to the race organizers for their hard work in pulling this event together. It was a great opportunity to compete in a high quality event, against strong competition, on Canadian soil.

Go here for some great race photos taken by coach (and Canadian Triathlon legend) Mark Bates.

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