Saturday, June 20, 2009


Short post for now, with a proper update to follow in a day or two.

Full results for Coteau du Lac available at SportStats. You'll also find Guelph Lake results (Ryan Power in the sprint today, Tom Lokody in the Olympic tomorrow...go TL!) at SportStats, too.

A huge thanks to Phil Bertand and Alex Maclean for hosting a great event, and for allowing us to host Junior Provincials at this race.

Our 2009 Junior Provincial medallists are:

1. Connor Hammond
2. Tristan Woodfine
3. Alexander Hinton

Full results for Junior Men.

(L-R: Alexander Hinton, Connor Hammond, Tristan Woodfine)

1. Joanna Brown
2. Domi Jamnicky
3. Lindsay Anderson

Full results for Junior Women.

(L-R: Lindsay Anderson, Joanna Brown, Dominika Jamnicky)

Congrats to all athletes on some very impressive racing - there is some great depth in all junior series races this year.

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