Friday, June 12, 2009


No video, but here's the training for the day:

WU: 800mix
MS1: 20x50 @ :50" as (5 Cruise/1 Fast, 4C/1F, 3C/1F, 2C/1F, 1C/1F)
MS2: 2x(15x100 @ 1:30) as (3 Threshold/1 Steady, 4T/1S, 5T/1S) 1st round Free, 2nd round P/P*
CD: 300 easy

*we ran out of time and had to change to 8x100@1:30 p/pull threshold on the 2nd round. need to get in earlier next time.

2 hours hilly base ride

WU: 15' easy + 10' of mobility, drills, strides
MS: 3x2k threshold @ 2' rest (Arb Loop)
CD: 15' easy

Racing Update:
Tom Lokody took 3rd overall at the Lakeside Sprint last Saturday, and Ryan Power was 3rd overall at the Lakeside Triathlon on Sunday. Congrats to Team OREA for dominating the podium at the Saturday Sprint.

Adrian Del Monte starts his 2009 season with the Muskoka Sprint, while James Loaring tackles Muskoka LC this weekend. Steven Hewick is racing Binbrook.

Connor, Tyler, Angela, Dorelle, Ian, Alexander and Steven race Coteau du Lac next weekend. we just need some nice weather.

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