Friday, December 4, 2009

IT'S A DEAL, IT'S A STEAL.....'s the sale of the century! (an almost direct quote from one of my favourite movies: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.)

The Bytown Storm Triathlon Team has organized a great fundraiser. From their blog:

Want to help support some of the best young triathletes in the country?

Want to help some of the newest young triathletes in the area?

Why not do both? The Bytown Storm Triathlon Team is a Not for Profit Ottawa area multi sport club that provides programs for all ages and skill levels. The Club is raffling off 3 Christmas Gift baskets worth more than $2500.00(approx. value) to help raise money for programs and to purchase much needed equipment.

To purchase tickets you can just email the club at or check our website for times and locations where we will be selling tickets( locations to be determined).

Full post, including all the prizes up for grabs, here.

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