Tuesday, December 15, 2009


A few of these are making the rounds lately, and apparently you can make your own if you're feeling creative. It's a fun clip - a short break from studying for the university crowd, or maybe a distraction at work - but don't blame me if you feel like you'll never get those 5mins of your life back.

Edit: I didn't make this video. You can find the original page here, along with two more 'Race Report' shorts from "AussieShooter".


Steven "The Dawg" Hewick said...

Oh it's so true, I guess there's a little wanker in all of us, hahaha

Anonymous said...

...wow...very well done.

DS said...

hahahahaha...... James and Tyler.

James Loaring said...

DS: Wolfman doesn't have DI2.
So maybe Viper and SQW? Does Simon train?
I'm researching right now :-)