Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I hear those ByTown guys do a lot of snowshoeing, and guys like Tom Evans and Jonnyo like to xc ski. Here's a plug for an interesting online video cycling program from coach Richard Pady who runs Healthy Results, called Indoor Rider. Anything to turn winter to our advantage is worth a look in my book.

I don't normally promote products etc. on the blog (and I haven't been asked to in this case), but it looks like a fun option for winter training, and Rich is a great coach, a great supporter of the sport and the community. And, he was always a gracious winner when he beat me repeatedly in junior racing a lifetime ago. And, I'm a big fan of Canadian coaches and athletes. And, you get to 'ride' with this guy (below), who is such an uber tri geek that he rides custom rollers in his custom training shed with a custom remote control camera. Sweet.

If anyone has some other ideas for beating old man winter, leave a note in the comments. Train smart.

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