Wednesday, January 27, 2010


EDIT: Gear Swap List is HERE. Lots of new items added.

A few updates for the coming weekend on the Training Day and Gear Swap.

TRAINING DAY: We're FULL (or we might have one spot left, check with LeighAnn if you're interested). This is the second time we've reached capacity (40) at a Training Day - the other was Simon's visit after Beijing - so we're excited to have a full house with lots of energy. Breakdown by group: 10-12yr Group: 8 athletes, 13-15yr Group: 16 athletes, Juniors: 7 (+PTC squad), Adults: 8 athletes.

GEAR SWAP: In addition to the Training Day, we're going to host a Triathlon Gear Swap on Sunday. Due to venue bookings and coach availability, the swap will run concurrently with the training day swim. If you are an athlete attending the training day, or a parent with an athlete in the training day, feel free to pull them out of the swim to check out the swap - we'll integrate them back into workout when you are done. We'll also be able to set aside some pool space for anyone who might want to try out a wetsuit prior to purchasing it.


SELLERS: There's a $2 to sell, but no charge if you (or family) are registered for the training day. Please e-mail me to let me know you are brining items for sale, and send me the details so I can add it to the list.

EQUIPMENT LIST: See the top of this post.

BUYERS: Come and have a look, no charge.


8:00AM: Doors of the Athletic Centre open.

8:10AM: Doors of the UofG Dome open. We'll be using the dome for the swap. Sellers to set up their gear from 8:10-8:30AM. We'll have trainers to put the bikes on, and we'll try to have some tables/chairs for the other equipment. Lorri Zagar will co-ordinate the set-up.

8:30AM: Swap time until 9:30AM.

That's it. Short and sweet. If you have any triathlon gear around the house that you've outgrown, or you aren't using, let me know and bring it to the swap. We'd like to grow this into an annual event to help the Ontario triathlon community, and to put good gear to good use.

NOTE: Personal plug for old(er) tires: If you have any spare 700c tires.....something used but with some life left in them.... bring them and I'll make you an offer. We (PTC squad) are burning through tires on the trainers at a pretty fast rate this winter.

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