Sunday, January 17, 2010


Two quick updates, recently posted on the TriCan site.

Triathlon Canada is accepting nominations for their 2009 Awards. Follow this link for more info, and nominate someone today.

PATCO for Juniors; May 22
Selection Criteria to the 2010 PATCO Selection Event (for juniors) are now posted. The actual PATCO champs will be October 3rd, but since PATCO is used to secure spots at the World Championships for juniors, and since the real PATCO race is a month after Worlds, we (Canada) will earn our spots on the start line for Junior Worlds at this "PATCO Selection Event" in May. The junior athletes who win the PATCO event in October will be the 2010 PATCO junior champions, but for the purposes of determining how many spots we get at worlds (up to a maximum of 3), this PATCO Selection Event May 22nd is the key event.

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