Wednesday, January 20, 2010


A great idea came to my inbox recently: How about a triathlon gear swap?

So, we're going to start the next Training Day (Sun. Jan 31st) with a gear swap, here at UofG. If you have gear to sell, including bikes, or you're looking for some equipment (especially for your fast-growing youth or junior athlete), this would be perfect for you.

I'll have final details over the next day or two, but wanted to post this to give a bit more notice.

Watch this space for details about the gear swap, shortly.

If you're coming to the Training Day on Sunday Jan 31st, please e-mail LeighAnn to confirm your attendance.

More soon......


Anonymous said...

Is there any way we can "advertise" our things before the training day so that we know what we're looking for?

CoachCT said...

Yes, we're getting the final details organized, but one of the things we'll do is ask the 'sellers' to send me a list of the items they'll bring for sale. I'll post that list. It may not be comprehensive, but it will at least give people an idea of what's available. thanks. CT

Barry said...

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