Saturday, January 30, 2010


Updated Jan 30, 9:07pm.

We have several more items for sale, including 10 bikes and/or frames. Sellers have cycling and running shoes, bags, backpacks, wheelsets, tires and a bunch of other equipment. See the GEAR LIST for more details.

Edit: Specialized M4 51cm bike sold today.

Just one of the bikes for sale Sunday

DIRECTIONS TO UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH: Click on this link, add your address, and "Get Directions."

LOCATION: The Gear Swap will take place in the Grypon Dome. Click this link, and then select "Find on Map" for location of Gryphon Dome.


8:00AM The Athletic Centre opens; athletes will enter to register for the training day

8:15AM The Gryphon Dome should be open by 8:15A, at which time we'll get some tables set up, and get the sellers organized

8:30AM The Swap Begins.

10:00-10:30 We'll aim to wrap things up by 10 or 10:30am. We'll be on the track, in the Dome, and we'll have to be respectful of groups who have booked the infield for activities.

Some important notes:

- there is a bathroom and water fountain at the dome, and Tim Horton's in the Hockey Arena, across from the Athletic Centre
- Sellers may want to bring along some small bills for change
- Sellers may accept personal cheques at their own discretion
- parking is free on Saturdays at UofG, and there is a small parking lot directly beside (south) of the Gryphon Dome

- Lorri Zagar will be in charge of getting you organized tomorrow morning, with the help of a few volunteers
- we will have a few trainers (4 or 5) available for you to set bikes up, but since we have 8 complete bikes coming, we'd appreciate it if a few of you could bring a trainer to showcase your bike
- we'll bring some tables in from the Athletic Centre (and we'll try to get some chairs)
- bring your own price tags, markers, etc.
- Sellers set their own prices, and do their own haggling

- this is open to the public, so come on by, no charge
- please give the sellers time to make sure they are set up and ready to go
- there will be more items for sale than those listed on the Gear List
- bring cash - the closest bank machine (CIBC) is in the University Centre (a 3-4 minute walk from the Gryphon Dome)
- if you are shopping for a bike, make sure you know your measurements - Competitive Cyclist has a nice tutorial on measuring for bike fit, including video demonstrations, and it's relatively straight forward....definitely worth 20mins of your time to ensure you get a bike that fits properly in the winter
- do your homework - many of the bigger items for sale are listed on the gear list, so do some homework on any items you are particularly interested in
- Need to try on a wetsuit? Come to the pool to swim a few laps before you buy (between 8:30-10:00a)....don't forget to bring a swim suit and towel

Looking forward to a great day tomorrow.

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