Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Campus is like a ghost-town this week; it's Reading Week, but I don't see much reading going on (I had the entire library to myself yesterday). We have a skeleton crew at the PTC this week, but it's been business as usual with training. Most athletes are back home, or at training camp, so it was a 'boys only' swim this morning with James and Tom. Today we swam a little further than usual, with this main set:

3x(3x400free, 400kick); 1st round swim/2nd round pull/3rd round p/pull

There was nothing magical about the set; the challenge was simply in the fact that the main set was as long as our entire typical Wednesday morning swim. The guys got down to work with no comment, and had a solid swim. They didn't know it, but they were lucky Dorelle wasn't there, as birthdays are typically celebrated with longer sets (Happy Birthday Dorelle). Regardless, it's this approach to training, nicely summarized here by Colin Jenkins, that will translate into tougher racing in the summer.

To celebrate Dorelle's b-day, I picked up some timbits to keep the guys fueled during the swim. Tom hoovered the majority of them mid-way through the set, and James cleaned up the rest at the end, including one that fell on the deck (his defense: he was well within the '10 Second Rule'). A quick visit to the Tim Hortons website reveals that an average box of 10 timbits is approximately 750-850 kcals - at $1.70 for a pack of 10, that's 4.5kcal to 5kcal per penny. I would never suggest that timbits are a good training supplement, but they must have the best $:kcal ratio around. Just don't eat them off of the pool deck if you plan to see your next birthday.

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dorelle said...

It makes me really happy to know that I make such an impact on workouts...even when I'm not there. I think it just proves how amazing I am. HAHA See you on Sunday!