Thursday, February 21, 2008

PTC Personalities: the women

A few weeks ago I was unfortunately named as the Little Miss Bossy character from the Little Miss Books.

I like to think that I am more like Little Miss Somersault, I think just because I like her hair better and the legs fit. ha

Now for Angela I had to go with Little Miss Giggles, somehow it just fits with all her little giggle fits.

Rachel also always has a smile on her face so for her we have Little Miss Sunshine!

Last but certainly not least we have Danielle aka Little Miss Wise, this girl always seems to have some sort of work to do! : )

Basically we are just one little happy family!

Now the only person left is Craig...there are soo many things to pick on its hard to choose just one...


Tom said...

Cool post Dorelle!

I was worried for a second there that I would get flack for not posting about the girls but I knew you would come through. Can't wait to have you girls back next week!

Loaring said...

Wow--that is two very good posts by Miss Bossy and Thomas the 'Tank'!

Thomas--the untrained mind can often confuse a person who possesses superior experience and wisdom--to be 'high falutin' :-)

Thomas is definately a Tank--and I have pictures to prove it... I will post them another day as I better get some sleep as I am certain Coach CT is going to give us beatings in the morning with a tough MS.

Thomas--you better be ready for a big scrap in the morning--but with the knowledge that you are going up against a 'bigger and more sensible engine' :-)